Brut - existe en Demi-sec

It is this very cuvée that has shaped our identity. Eldest cuvée of all, it is our first reference. L’Originelle saw its youngest sisters born, watched their education and prompts them to ‘grow up’. Its fruity aromas meet unanimous approval whether in its Brut version or in its demi-sec version and pairs nicely with a wide range of food from starters to desserts.

Grape Variety : 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir 
Tête de cuvée – 75% 2012 harvest and 25% 2010 – 2011 reserve wines 
Terroir : Barbonne-Fayel 
Temperature-controlled stainless steel vat 
Bottling : 2013 
Dosage : 6 g/l 
Drinking Temperature : between 6°C and 8°C

This wine has a straw yellow robe with golden tints and boasts a rich effervescence. You will establish initial contact with this wine thanks to pastry terms. Its projected universe looks like that of a vintage. Its bouquet is very expansive and generous and supported by milky notes. Notes of hazelnut and fudge give way to notes of fruit spread, quince, tobacco if not raspberry alcohol which is so typical of Pinot Noir. Equally generous is this cuvée on the palate. Flavours of candied citrus fruit, grapefruit and blood oranges bring a certain energy. The finish is dominated by notes of quince fruit spread and a range of brandy-like aromas.

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