la fusionnelle

Blanc de Blancs - Brut

Fusion, both literally and figuratively speaking. That of grapes, from solid berries to liquid juice. On the other hand, a combination which is intimately tied to the blend of various Chardonnay wines. No matt er when you taste it, this Blanc de Blancs will unveil its finesse, freshness and delicacy.

Grape Variety : 100% Chardonnay 
Tête de cuvée : 60% 2015 harvest and 40% 2013 – 2014 reserve wines 
Terroir : Barbonne-Fayel 
Temperature-controlled stainless steel vat 
Bottling : 2016 
Dosage : 6 g/l 
Drinking Temperature : between 6℃ and 8℃ 

La Fusionnelle boasts a beautiful yellow colour with lime tree tints, releases fi ne bubbles and a tight, compact mousse. Fragrances of lime tree blossom, verbena and hawthorn transport us to the semantic fi eld of vegetation.
Its bouquet is vegetal, delicate, elegant and full of finesse and lets delicately smoked notes of bread, warm stones and iodine have the upper hand in creating a hushed and subtle universe.
Hints of meringue and hazelnut together with milky notes underline the olfactory universe of this Blanc de Blancs which flows over the tongue in a nice and fluid way.
Vegetal and fl oral notes, hints of hazelnut and nascent toast unveil its chalky minerality.

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