Blanc de Blancs - Brut
Oak Barrel – Selected Plot

This Blanc de Blancs cracks and spreads its gnarled and majestic branches in the oak barrels where it gets aged… Once it is fixed into an object, L’Arc-Bouté continues to dialogue with its content for, although it was ‘fathered’ in the forest, it is now the happy father of another sap. Ode to oak barrels, actor of its own vinification, the very essence of this plot-selected Blanc de Blancs is reserved for shrewd connoisseurs.

Grape Variety : 100% Chardonnay 
Tête de cuvée – 75% 2015 harvest and 25% 2013 – 2014 reserve wines 
Terroir : Barbonne-Fayel 
Plot : Les Bæufs 
Oak Barrel 
Bottling : 2016 
Dosage : 6 g/l 
Drinking Temperature : between 6°C and 8°C

The yellow robe of L’Arc-Bouté and its bright tints are indicative of a nice and delicate wine, the effervescence forms a persistent foamy ring.
Once open this Blanc de Blancs releases aromas such as oak, vanilla and marzipan then its bouquet shows nice tension and energy thanks to Chardonnay’s citrus fruit flavour.
Having preserved a certain nobility, the transposed image is typified and evolves towards minerality and elegance. Aromas of lemon and vanilla over the tongue, notes of menthol and eucalyptus coupled with notes of mocha and cocoa give this Blanc de Blancs a pleasant finish.

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